Rocky Mountain Motors Sales and Service Center

Rocky Mountain Motors Sales and Service Center offers oil change maintenance on any vehicle no matter where you bought it. We believe that everyone deserves to have their vehicle maintained by experts who know what they are doing. You can schedule  your service here or click on the schedule service button.

Current Services We Offer

Regularly scheduled oil changes are very important to maintain the health of your vehicle. Scheduled maintenance can save you money by protecting your vehicle from costly repairs. Because you proactively change the oil, the engine will maintain engine lubrication, keeps the engine cool, removes foreign substances from the engine, improves gas mileage.  This helps to keep your vehicle last longer and saves you money in long run.

brake services

Brakes on a vehicle have one job, to stop your vehicle! Therefore, it is important to have your brakes checked regularly because waiting until they fail is not only dangerous it could be fatal. There are many signs that your brakes need attention, the obvious one is your brake light will appear. Other less apparent signs are feeling that your vehicle is taking longer to stop than usual. A good indication that it could be time for your brakes to be serviced is if your vehicle seems to shake, rattle, and continues to roll when you attempt to stop. It is always best to have a trained professional evaluate your brakes to make sure they are in great condition.

check engine light

Nobody enjoys having their check engine light come on. Panic starts to set in because you don’t know what is wrong or how much it will cost to fix. Therefore, we have added some  of the common reasons your check engine light will come on.  It could be that the oxygen sensor may need to replaced, your gas cap is loose or missing. Other reasons could be, the catalytic converter needs changed, time to replace your spark plugs or something bigger. If your check engine light has suddenly shown up on your dashboard, give us call or schedule an appointment and let us help you figure out what is going on.